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Superstitions - Love potions and spells

Sat, 13/02/2010 - 00:57

Throughout history, magicians, sorcerers and witches have being brewing potions of all kinds with the help of magic. As we approach Valentine's Day, we start to think about this magical possibility. Can you imagine what it would be like to have a magic potion in your possession that could make that person you like fall deeply in love with you?                

In legends, potions were created by wizards and sorcerers to fulfill specific purposes. The mix of diverse and exotic ingredients makes these concoctions acquire supernatural powers. In the middle ages, any person that was suspected to practice or know of these arts was seriously accused and condemned as a "sorcerer" or "witch" and executed in the most terrible manner. However, humanity has always felt the need to go to these people who dominate this art, for a little magical help that will help them fulfill their wishes.                

Another way to conquer the love of that person is performing a special ritual or love spell. These are also part of the repertoire of magicians and magic sorcerers, but these "recipes" or "rituals" in many cases have to be performed by the person itself. These spells not only contain exotic ingredients but also a series of actions that must be carried out precisely, if we want the spell to be effective.                

Spells that make people fall in love:                
You use a little bit of soil or land where your loved one has walked on and place it in a small pot, in a warm and protected corner. Then, you should plant a special seed that will symbolize birth, growth and strength of the new love that will emerge between the two. You will notice that as in the fertile soil gives green leaves and flowers, that person will notice your presence and finally fall in love with you.    
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