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Funny Valentines games

Wed, 03/02/2010 - 23:00

The day when we all celebrate love is near; you know that wonderful feeling that we all feel whether it be for a partner, our children, our parents or our friends. If you want to have a fun evening this February 14th how about gathering your friends together and playing these fun games?        

You will need the following:        
Buttons, beans or coins.        
Valentine Bingo cards or for more         
Print the bingo cards and callboard and paste it onto a piece of cardboard. Cut out the numbers to be called and put them in a hat. Draw a bingo number and call it out. Play until someone calls a "Love Bingo". Give away prizes to the winners.         
Love Pictionary        
You will need the following:        
A whiteboard with the marker.        
Blank sheets.        
Divide your friends into groups of two. If all your friends have a partner then skip this step. On a blank sheet make a list of different things related to love like chocolate, box of chocolates, bouquet of roses, engagement ring, candles, rose petals, etc.. Cut each of them separately. A member of the first group chooses one of these without looking and then makes a drawing on the board of what it says on the paper. His fellow group must guess what is being drawn within 60 seconds. Then move to the next group and so on. Make the game at least 3 rounds. The winning couple is the one that guesses the most items correctly.         

Identify your partner        
Separate guys from girls.        
Cover the eyes of the guy and bring him to a room where all the girls are sitting in different places.        

The guy can only touch the hair of each girl and he must guess the identity of his partner. You have all the freedom to distract him by shouting, clapping, etc. If you choose the wrong partner he earns a punishment, which should be a task such as being silly like a monkey, or dancing samba.        
After all the guys are done, it is time that the girls do the same. Couples who have quickly guessed will be the winners and will receive a small present.        

These are some little ideas for you to spend a phenomenal Valentine's day with loved ones; try any or all of them or you can put your personal touch by making some changes. What matters most is that you share Valentines Day with the special people in our lives. Happy Valentine's Day to all!        

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