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Superstitions - Chapter 11 - The Salt

Fri, 22/01/2010 - 21:25

Have you ever been warned to be careful with the salt? You may have been told to never allow the salt to spill or you will be unlucky. Well, hundreds of years of tradition and history tell us a little about the powers of salt, which is known as a protector against evil magic.            

Salt is associated with all sorts of beliefs and superstitions that have passed from generation to generation, in every corner of the world. It has always being attributed with defensive powers such as a protecting people against curses or used as a good luck charm. Many wise people think that part of this belief was due to the great importance that salt had in ancient times, as a food preservative. Here we mention some of these powers and beliefs related to salt:            

The house will always be provided with money while there is salt in it.            
One of the rituals of white magic is known as the "Magic Circle". You circle the person you want to protect from evil, in a circle of salt, and this will keep the devil away.             

To wash hands and feet three times with salt water and toss what remains of the salt water into the fire is a defense against evil curses.            

To blind the devil and prevent unfortunate mishaps it is advisable to take a pinch of salt and throw it over your left shoulder.            
Once you remove undesirable or suspicious items from your home you toss salt into the fire and then in the doorway to seal the protection.             

According to ancient wisdom, if you put a plate of salt under the bed of a patient the salt will absorb the disease and help to speed the recovery.             
With all the magical protective powers† attributed to salt it is not difficult to understand why it is a problem to spill salt or dump it accidentally or on purpose. They say that the amount of salt that has been spilt is the amount of tears that you will shed. Many relate this belief with the "Last Supper" of the New Testament: Jesus accidentally spilled salt and that was the omen of his crucifixion and agony.
It's always good to know the power of a mysterious mineral like salt. You must be very careful in the kitchen and at the table to avoid mistakes. Whenever you are in the bingo hall be cautious to see who sits around. You never know if the bingo player behind you is "throwing salt" to your bingo cards! Do not miss the next chapters of Superstitions!            

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