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First free bingo winners!

Fri, 05/06/2009 - 03:00

Rover’s Free Ride had its maiden bingo game this week, and we’re celebrating our first free bingo winners! launched its brand-new free bingo room this week, called Rover’s Free Ride. Bingo players are flocking to the room where bingo cards are free, and new winners are being called every day.

Our very first game started off with a bang, and was played on Tuesday, June 4th. We want to congratulate all of the players who were there for this momentous occasion, especially to those players who won some cash!

Aquaqueen, Jantom, Mavis74 and Dopeydina each won some money on Tuesday’s inaugural game! Congratulations, ladies!
Make sure you’re at the next game, Rover’s Free Ride is only open from 6pm – 7pm GMT every night. And like we said – bingo cards are free, the pots are real, and players can get up to 12 cards maximum per game.
See you at the next free bingo game!

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