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Mon, 19/11/2007 - 10:03

November 19th, 2007
Online bingo players, welcome to the Winner's Circle! Each week we'll be bringing to the forefront great stories of winners from our very own community, from a winner's list that just keeps on growing longer!
Friday night had only one big winner, and the lucky player was bubblegum123, winning £324.90 in the 75 ball room!
Saturday began in the 90 ball room, with crystyb winning a solid £224.74 to kickstart the day! Then along came a very lucky iamace2009 who won in just 5 calls! But iamace2009's luck did not run out just yet, as he also took home a staggering £519.95! Barryfowler was the next winner, taking home a respectable £478.50 in the 75 ball room!
Sunday continued our week of unique wins, as julie93 won £373.67 in just 23 calls during a smiley face game... I'm sure she had a smile on her face! The next major win was in the 90 ball, as wifey2 won a delightful £256.52 jackpot! The last big win of the week came from cafc2808, with a wicked £334.86!
Congratulations to all of our lucky bingo winners. We'll see you all next Friday and Saturday at 21:00 ET (9pm GMT) for more guaranteed Super Jackpot games. The more players who try at the jackpot, the larger the prize!
Featured Winner: fooxxyy
I would like to thank - I had a big win last Friday and Saturday night! I won on 2 jackpots and was thrilled! My friends I've made on this site are the best, they are so friendly and always make me feel so welcome. The hosts are the best, always there to help. To all my friends at the very best of luck to u all.
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