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Dog Bingo: Something To Bark About!

Mon, 23/06/2008 - 03:00

Do you have a lot of time on your hands? Or kids home from school for the summer, looking for something to do? Or a lot of dogs in your neighbourhood? We've got the activity for you!
The kids are all talking about Dog Bingo, a fun and exciting version of your favourite bingo game featuring very special guest stars: canines.
No, this isn't like Coolidge's famous Dogs Playing Poker painting, except instead of poker the dogs are gathered around a card table playing a good old game of 90 ball. This is a game everybody gets to play (ironically though, dogs can't play).
All you have to do is make a bingo card with 25 squares, including a Free Space in the middle, and in each square jot down all your preferred pooches. Then hit the streets and see how many types you can find! First one to get a bingo wins!
And don't forget - it's perfectly acceptable, given the nature of the game, to let out a bark instead of calling Bingo. Provided of course that you've double-checked your bingo card; nobody likes a premature bingo call.

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