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Top Three Bingo Jokes of All Time

Mon, 28/05/2007 - 11:04
Does Bingo make you laugh? Well, it will now.
Here are the top three bingo jokes of all time, so get ready to laugh! Then three more groan-worthy jokes to follow.
Shoo Fly
A man walked into a bingo hall and chooses his bingo cards. Seeing a fly land on a particular number on one bingo card, and thinking this was a lucky sign, he bought that card. Later on that night, he lost. "Must have been a house fly", he said.
Full Card
2 old men are playing Bingo in the church, John and Tom. John keeps looking over Tom's shoulder saying: "you've got that number, mark it off, you've got that number mark it off." After doing this for quite some time Tom gets annoyed and says: "why don't you do your own card?" Whereupon John answers: "I can't it's full!"
Always a Winner
Betty and Hilda, two friends, went together to play the slot machines at their local Bingo Hall. Each agreed that when her allotted money was gone, she would go to the front of the Bingo Hall and sit on the bench to wait for her friend. Betty quickly lost all of her money and went to sit on the bench. She waited and waited and waited and waited. After what seemed an eternity, she saw Hilda coming toward her carrying a huge sack of coins. "Hey, Betty," said Hilda, "how'd you do?" "Well, Hilda", said Betty, "you see me here on this bench- what do you think? It looks like you hit it big, though." "Oh yeah," said Betty, "did I find a good machine! It's way in the back. I'll show it to you - you can't lose! EVERY TIME YOU PUT IN A DOLLAR FOUR QUARTERS COME OUT!!!"
Groanworthy Bingo Jokes
Q) What do rodents say when they play bingo?
A) Eyes down for a full mouse!
Q) What do you call a lady addicted to gambling at bingo?
A) Betty!
Q) What do vampires play Bingo with?
A) Stake money
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