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8 Ways To Win At Bingo

Mon, 07/05/2007 - 11:05
Tips on how to make your own luck for a successful night at the bingo hall.
Is there a strategy to the game of bingo? Or is it sheer luck and superstitions? Well, with a few tips on how to gain a winning edge, you could be making your own luck in no time.†
First of all, it's important to remember that bingo is primarily a game of luck. However, there are certainly a number of winning strategies togive you that winning edge. Here are some tactics that bingo players use to encourage that winning bingo:
1. Choose your own bingo cards if you can. At the hall, arrive early so you will have the best selection to choose from.
2. When choosing a bingo card, look for cards with the lowest numbers under the B column. Avoid high numbers.
3. Favour numbers 19-29 under the I column. Lower than 19 should be avoided, and numbers lower than 14 should especially be shunned.
4. Under the letter N, choose a card with numbers 29-39. All numbers in the 40s should be avoided if possible.
5. It is best to choose numbers higher than 49 in the G column.
6. The best numbers for the O column tend to be 60 through 68. 70 is ok, but numbers higher than 71 are unfavourable.
7. Rules listed above are relevant no matter what type of bingo you areplaying. Traditional bingo, four corners, coverall, or any other pattern - these numbers tend to have greater odds than others.
8. Finally, when playing at a bingo hall, never buy more cards than you can watch, because if you are unable to keep up with your cards you may end up missing out on a big win. Of course, with online bingo this isn't an issue - you can simply change your options and turn your cards on auto-daub.
So, keep these tips in mind and soon you could be winning more games and enjoying your bingo nights more. Whether you're playing for a small jackpot or the big one, we hope these tips will help you get more out of the game we all love.
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