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LAST CHANCE to win tickets!

Thu, 08/08/2013 - 16:50

It's just 2 weeks until 5 of our players will each win the holiday of their wildest imaginations. And this is your last chance to win FREE tickets!

For your FREE tickets to this incredible Win a Dream Holiday bingo game you must win a Line Prize or Full House prize in any of our "linked" Studio 60 and Lucky Break games, each night at 19:00 GMT up until Thursday 15 August. After Thursday 15 August, tickets will be available for £10 each only. So don't miss out!

PLUS, all players who spend £100 or more cash on bingo tickets by 22:59 Thursday 15 August will receive another FREE ticket!

Win free tickets today and increase your chance of jetting off on your ultimate dream holiday!








Terms and Conditions
•    Please note players who receive FREE tickets to our Win A Dream Holiday Bingo game will receive their tickets prior to the game playing out and must be logged in at the time of the game at 19:00 GMT on Friday 23 August to receive their free tickets to the game.
•    The maximum number of free tickets a player can win for this game will be capped at a maximum of 18.
•    The 5 dream holidays will be won in the form of a cash bingo prize. Whilst there are 5 chances of winning for each bingo line prize awarded, the normal rules of split wins still apply and any players who share a bingo line or full house win will share the game prize.