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Midsummers MIDNIGHT bingo Game

Fri, 22/06/2012 - 15:37


Dancing, singing and flower maypoles - Welcome to the Swedish Midsummers!       

Midsummer night is here; don't miss the MIDNIGHT Special £2,000 game in Studio 60 on the 25th June and the chance to earn 5 Free Tickets for the 21.00 GMT every day for a week! To qualify for your daily 5 Free Tickets, all you need to do is play in the MIDNIGHT game in Studio 60 on the 25th June!

Good Luck and enjoy Midsummers!

Terms and Conditions.

To Qualify for the 5 Free tickets you simply need to have purchased and played in the Midnight Game in Studio 60 on the 25th June. The 5 Free tickets will be uploaded before the 2100 BST game on the 26th June for all 21,00 BST games in Studio 60 from the 26th June until the 1st July.