Frequently Asked Questions


What is 'Conditional' in my wallet?

'Conditional' is the amount you first deposited into your account in order to obtain your deposit bonus.

This money is non-withdrawable until you meet all the relevant wagering requirements/ terms and conditions for that particular Deposit Bonus.

Once you have met the wagering requirements the 'conditional' deposit amount will be transferred to your total Wallet Balance. 

Please note: You will play with the Conditional funds first prior to playing with the bonus money, any winnings earned with your Conditional funds will be deposited directly into the Conditional wallet. If the selected bonus expires or is cancelled, the Conditional funds will be credited back to your Cash Balance (which is visible in the Wallet Balance) and can be withdrawn.

How do Jackpots work?

Jackpot amounts grow each time a player makes a bet.

Some jackpots are exclusive to players, giving you the best chance to win them. Others are shared with players on different sites, meaning they grow bigger much faster.

How do I subscribe/unsubscribe from emails?

Simply visit the 'Settings' section of your account and follow the instructions below;

If you wish to subscribe to emails, simply make sure that the small box next to 'Access to exclusive offers, free spins & bonuses' is ticked.

If you wish to unsubscribe from emails, just untick the 'Access to exclusive offers, free spins & bonuses' box. Please note, unsubscribing from emails is likely to mean that you will miss out on future offers which we send out exclusively to small groups of customers.