Parabol Games
“”  belongs to the Parabol Games network, (which in turn, is a part of the Unibet Group). The Parabol Games network consists of multiple brands that share a common platform infrastructure, which includes; product providers, customer service, payment functionality, licenses and more.

The advantage of being part of a larger network is that it provides an enhanced gaming experience with higher winnings, better liquidity within the games and some of the best products available in the market.

As part of a network, you will meet players from other brands in the bingo chat and across the site, but there are no ‘hidden’ players as all players in the chat rooms are active only within our network. We work closely with our partners and share promotions (although occasionally an individual brand may have their own promotion).
Virtue Fusion (Bingo)
“’s” bingo client is powered by Virtue Fusion, but the chat, client design and other games in the client are independent of Virtue Fusion.

Linked Games on the Virtue Fusion Network
Virtue Fusion also runs its own network, which the Parabol Games network joins for our special linked games. This means that in the linked games, you will find players not only just from the Parabol Games network, but also from the Virtue Fusion network. In joining the Virtue Fusion network linked games, we are then able to offer our players larger winnings and more liquidity in the games.